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 Congratulations!  Arapahoe Public Schools received a “GREAT” Classification.

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AQuESTT – Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow The first-ever results of Nebraska’s new accountability system were released in Lincoln, showing that the Arapahoe Public School was classified among the GREAT school districts statewide.

AQuESTT is a new accountability system that is broader than past state and federal systems in that it goes beyond test scores to classify schools on, among other factors, growth, improvement and graduation rates as well as a detailed analysis of individual schools. Based on individual school findings, schools may receive credit toward their classification for certain improvements and/or also lose classification points.

Mission Statement

The Arapahoe Public School, in conjunction with our communities, is dedicated to motivating students with a desire to learn and inspiring them to be life-long learners as well as successful, responsible citizens in a global society.

Belief Statement

The Arapahoe Public Schools believes that education must serve the individual pupil in light of his/her capacities and abilities as well as provide a suitable and well balanced learning environment in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, cultural, social, moral and spiritual maturity.

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