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The link below contains the web address for the perceptual surveys at ARAPAHOE PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  Thank you for participating in the survey.  Please select and complete the survey(s) that apply to your family.

ARAPAHOE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Elementary/Middle School Parent Survey

ARAPAHOE HIGH SCHOOL  — Elementary/Middle School Parent Survey

ARAPAHOE HIGH SCHOOL — High School Parent Survey

Mission Statement

The Arapahoe Public School, in conjunction with our communities, is dedicated to motivating students with a desire to learn and inspiring them to be life-long learners as well as successful, responsible citizens in a global society.

Belief Statement

The Arapahoe Public Schools believes that education must serve the individual pupil in light of his/her capacities and abilities as well as provide a suitable and well balanced learning environment in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, cultural, social, moral and spiritual maturity.

Arapahoe Public School
610 Walnut Street
Arapahoe, Nebraska 68922

308-962-5458 (phone)
308-962-7481 (fax)



Stay up to date on the Construction / Renovation Project via the Board of Education ~ School Bond Information tab or contact Dr. Griffith.

Dr. Griffith, Superintendent

Phone: (308) 962-5458

Email: george.griffith@arapahoewarriors.org

Twitter: @APSWarriorsDrG

Mail: PO Box 360, Arapahoe, NE  68922